What’s in a Casino Payout Chart?

Ah, casino payout charts. Sometimes they’re the overlooked part of a casino. Sometimes because we don’t know how to read them or because we don’t have any information to compare them to if we don’t really understand the game. And perhaps sometimes because we feel like we can’t do anything about them anyway. Take my cruise on the high seas and onboard casino. The odds for most of the games at the ship’s casino were terrible. But what were we going to do? Swim to another ship? Being able to look at a video poker game and know that it wasn’t a 9/6 payout chart and therefore not the optimum game to play didn’t do me one bit of good. I could play at the casino or try to find something else to do. Since this was a Mediterranean cruise in winter with 3 at-sea days, people played the casino.

But while it is perhaps excusable to play at a less than optimal game while trapped on a cruise ship, there’s no excuse for doing so on an online casino. Now, I thought it would be difficult to play at an online casino with really bad payouts because, for the most part, online casinos have to compete against one another. You can easily play at only the top casinos. Unless the other casinos find another way to draw players in.

For Christmas, a certain online casino gave me $20 to play with at their casino. Hey, it was a free $20 so I figured I might as well give them a try. So, I decided to play some Jacks or Better. Now at most online casinos, you can bet the maximum coins in Jacks or Better game and the jackpot for a royal flush is somewhere around 4000 in the payout chart – that’s what Silver Oak offers. However, on this casino, the games are organized differently and the maximum payout if I hit a royal flush is 250. Considerably less than at other online casinos.

How does this online casino get away with the bad payouts? Because they aim their business at new gamblers who don’t know the payout charts. Learn what a good payout chart should look like for your favorite games, and you won’t be taken advantage of when you have a choice to play elsewhere.