What Will Happen To Online Casinos in the US?

It’s barely been three months since the Department of Justice reviewed their view of the Wire Act of 1961 and decided that it only applied to sports events, but we’re already seeing dramatic changes in the way online gambling is viewed in the United States. So let’s take a quick look at what’s going on.

Nevada is the first state out of the gate with legal and licensed online poker. Now, Nevada had their plans in place even before the change. They’d already passed legislation that would make online poker legal in the state as long as the laws changed at the federal level. Someone in Nevada must have a really good crystal ball. But Nevada right now is at the poker the only stage.

New Jersey wants to be the first state out of the gate with fully online casino games including games like internet casino roulette. Now New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed potential online casino legislation last year, so now the state is playing catch up. If Christie sticks to his promise to sign the legislation, they should have online casinos by the end of the year.

Everyone in California wants online poker. They’re screaming for it. But California is more interested in putting the state lottery online. You can keep up with California at ca.gov.

Two online poker efforts have been canceled for lack of interest – that was Washington DC and Iowa. Both felt they didn’t have enough potential players to make the efforts worthwhile, even though DC had already legalized online poker. And two states have reacted to the changes by making online gambling illegal. That’s Hawaii, where all gambling is outlawed and Utah, where, well, conservative ideology rules.

Three months. A lot of changes. The rest of the year promises to be just as interesting.