Microgaming Offers a New Live Dealer

There’s one aspect of land-based casinos that online casinos haven’t managed to recreate yet, though there have been ongoing attempts to do so. That’s the experience of playing against a real live dealer or betting along with other players. Now, for some popular online casino games such as slots and video poker, there’s no need to recreate a live casino experience since even in a land-based casino these players interact one on one with a machine. But talk to a blackjack expert and you’ll find out that the game is just different when played with real cards against a real dealer. And when it comes to games like roulette, half the fun is in watching what other players bet on and seeing who wins and losses. I’ve never really been able to stay engaged with an online roulette game for very long, but at a land-based casino, I can spend an hour or so gambling and chatting.

But now Microgaming is going to take on the challenge of bringing a live experience to the online player. They are introducing new Diamond Edition versions of their existing live dealer games. These Diamond Editions will use new state-of-the-art technology to make players feel like they’re right there in a casino.

Now, Microgaming already offers live dealer options for games like blackjack, but the new Diamond Edition will allow for a more intense multiplayer experience. One that the company believes players are longing for. The company says that the current live dealer play has been well received by the 16 Microgaming casinos that offer it, and the Diamond Edition is predicted to be a huge hit with players. Who knows, it may even keep me at the virtual roulette table longer.