Bovada Online Casino Launches

Well, that was a bit of a surprise. Okay, I knew it was coming or should I say I knew something was coming. I just didn’t expect the Bovada switcharoo to happen so soon. And sort of without my consent. But then, eh, at least my money is safe, which is a good thing considering all the news around Full Tilt Poker.

Now, I can pretend to be completely caught by surprise. I knew Bodog was leaving the US and had a fair warning about that. In order to play nice with the UK, Bodog agreed to leave the US market behind when they were granted their UK license. Since their license with Morris Mohawk Gaming Group was ending on December 31st it seemed like a good opportunity for both groups. Bodog would leave the US and MMGG would launch its own casino brand. Of course, we all thought we had until December 31st to decide if we wanted to switch our accounts to the new MMGG brand.

Surprise! They launched early. As of yesterday if you went to your Bodog account, you found yourself redirected to Bovada Casino, the new MMGG casino. Now if you were a fan of Bodog, you’ll find that not much has changed over at Bovada. This is because they’re running on the same casino software as Bodog Casino. They also share the same online poker room software, which seems to include the much-debated and hated anonymous poker tables. I’m not sure how that will work out for Bovada or for Bodog considering the hate mail on the internet over those tables. They may roll back to the old “see who you play against” tables. It doesn’t do much good to protect players from data mining sites if they don’t want to play at all.

So, if you had a Bodog account, check out Bovada. Hmm, do we qualify for that new player online casino bonus?